Explore Old Town In Ibiza

Explore Old Town In Ibiza


The walled ancient town of Dalt Vila is situated on a tiny mountain adjacent to the sea. There are surprises in every nook, and incredible Instagram-worthy angles around every corner. It is impossible not to find something interesting in this place full of history, ancient structures, and walls. You are best off exploring everything on foot, from the small, winding, steep cobblestone lanes to the beautiful views from the high walls and the large terraces at each level.

Ibiza’s Old town is alive and well, most especially in December when the town transforms into a shopper's paradise of markets and unique events. It is the island's historic core and is considered a must-see for tourists who enjoys an island trip with a touch of history. This 16th-century village has excellent views of the port and the neighboring island of Formentera. Its history is told via centuries-old monasteries, churches, and museums, all of which are surrounded by a protective heptagon-shaped wall. Visitors will come across trendy luxury restaurants and odd artisan booths right next to acclaimed ancient sites. We will walk you through the sights, history, and crucial information about Dalt Vila's old town so you can make the most of your visit.


Dalt Vila is a historical goldmine and was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. It was founded by the Phoenicians thousands of years ago and is still inhabited today. For centuries, this stronghold has served as a cultural crossroads with performances, literary cycles, exhibits, and other cultural events held throughout the year. Some remains of the moors may still be found, and museums house artifacts from many eras of the island's history.

Lanes with cobblestone streets and attractive whitewashed houses and buildings may be found all around the historic port area. Visitors will be welcomed by two headless Roman sculptures on the fort's main door. The place is magical, and it would be easy for everyone to imagine themselves being transported back to the period of the Phoenicians. Cobbled streets, high stone walls, drawbridges, and massive fort doors are just a few of the things you may expect to see here. If you are in for a modern touch, there are also bars and restaurants available in the area where you can grab a bite as you explore the streets, hills, and stairs of this beautiful heritage site.


The streets feel like a world apart from modern-day Ibiza, providing a fascinating contrast to the island's burgeoning mega clubs and posh coastal resorts. Here, you may go barhopping around the shoreline in the port area or people-watch from the cafés and bars in the lovely communal plaza. You may also shop for fashion items in the La Marina area or visit Mercat Vell at the base of Dalt Vila for a range of organic fruits and vegetables, as well as souvenirs. During the summer, there would be several people roaming around during the day, and the neighborhood comes alive at night for the nightly hippie market, where you can buy a variety of goods.

Foodies and history fans should consider planning their visit in time for the Eivissa Medieval Festival—a festival commemorating the town's UNESCO World Heritage designation. It is a time where Dalt Vila transports back in time with a feast of cuisine, arts, crafts, and entertainment. The festival draws over a hundred thousand guests, and many Ibiza businesses like bars, restaurants, and stores reopen after their winter hiatuses, dusting off the shelves, and preparing for yet another seasonal trade. The weather is often beautiful, with temperatures hovering around 68-70 degrees.

It is an especially wonderful season to explore the island with your family. The event is incredibly international, with people from all over the globe flocking to Ibiza to enjoy not just the island's breathtaking springtime grandeur, but also to witness the island's rich history and culture come to life. It is also a tremendously popular event among locals, who flock to the local plazas to socialize, dine, watch live performances, and take part in the activities.