List of the best party places of ibiza


The greatest nightlife in Ibiza exemplifies the island's passion for music and entertainment. It is the perfect place for all types of party-people—from bustling nightclubs for dancers to live music pubs for concert goers.

There are wide selections available for guests who want to visit some of the island's old taverns and pubs. Here, you may enjoy a variety of beverages while watching the latest sporting events all night. Check out our selection of the greatest nightclubs in the area, which will undoubtedly provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

1. Amnesia

Amnesia is one of Ibiza's numerous globally recognized nightclubs. It first opened its doors in 1976, and it was named Best Global Club at the IDMA Awards in Miami in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2011. Almost every night of the week, a relentless audience will fill the dancefloor to its full capacity. Here, you are free to dance with your hands in the air as sunshine streams through the glass-roofed patio. Stepping out of the doors after the last encore is a rite of passage, whether you're watching from the circular VIP balconies above or on the floor. Guests are guaranteed to leave the place with a smile on their faces as they climb into their transport home back after rushing into the day.

2. Heart Ibiza

Heart Ibiza is a dynamic extravaganza that combines cuisine, live performance, and electronic music, ready to provide every guest an experience to remember. It is perfect for people looking to satiate their sensory cravings with art and entertainment, which would keep them entertained from sunset until dark. The place's open-air patio offers refreshing drinks and delectable food, as well as an excellent view of the Dalt Vila while the party venue hosts world class performers. It is truly a place of fun, relaxation, and freedom for many.

3. Hi Ibiza

Hi Ibiza is a nightclub that is always evolving. The place offers a bold concept dedicated to bringing people together with good music and great energy. This state-of-the-art superclub is the newest addition to the Playa d'en Bossa nightlife paradise. The Theatre and the Club, which are divided into two major rooms, offer stunning light displays where their set-up varies every night. There are three open-air spaces, plenty of foliage, and extra VIP facilities such as personal tents and a DJ booth. Apart from being one of Ibiza's fanciest nightclubs, it also hosts amazing residencies with some of the most exciting names in electronic dance music. The new club's evenings feature music from all around the world, including EDM, Disco, Deep House, and Techno.

4. Eden Ibiza

San Antonio's second superclub, Eden, has one of the most advanced audio systems on the island. Eden made a significant impact on the San Antonio party scene after its renovation, with the sound system functioning especially well for more subterranean evenings. Eden is the only spot in San Antonio where you can enjoy the best quality underground house and techno. The auditory attention to detail is no less than amazing, and it's beginning to affect a positive alteration in the concept of proper nightlife on the island's west coast. It is split into two sections: a huge, stylish main room and a second room with its own entrance. There are two cabins, multiple bars, and two VIP spaces with exclusive parking.

5. Swag Ibiza Club

Swag Ibiza first opened its doors in 2014, replacing Moma, a nightclub adjacent to the Garbi Ibiza Hotel. It is the perfect club to go to if you want to try something new. It offers a diverse range of music styles and urban music. Depending on the night's event, you'll be able to dance to live concerts, Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, Trap, and Latin sounds like Reggaeton. It is a gathering spot for folks who wish to visit Ibiza but follow a different beat. Partygoers will be able to shake their bodies to some of Bossa's most bass-heavy beats. The place caters to sophisticated clubbers who want their music polished no matter what time of the week they attend. This 1000-capacity club is located right on the beach in the center of Playa d'en Bossa and features two VIP zones where you may upscale for the night.

6. Ushuaia Ibiza

Since its inception in 2011, Ushuaia Ibiza has been a bright light in Playa d'en Bossa. This club, which is situated on the main promenade in Bossa, hosts some of the greatest names in popular electronic music. This Beach Club has become one of the most exciting venues on the island thanks to the great music, exclusive ambiance, superb cuisine, and customer service that redefines the true definition of a VIP. Ushuaia created a name for itself by promoting well-known DJs and outshining the competitors with its stage spectacle, gorgeous dancers, and strategically situated VIP area. It is with no surprise that it established itself as one of Ibiza's most well-known clubs in just a few years.

7. DC10

DC10 has risen to prominence because to its ability to provide a one-of-a-kind experience in Ibiza's nightclub atmosphere. It originally started in 1999, and it is no surprise that it still stands today with its big-shot line-ups boasting spectacular selections of performances from the underground's greatest. Unlike the rest of the clubs, it still does little or no advertising for its events, which means that people who go there genuinely like the place for its music and atmosphere. DC10's longevity and popularity may be attributed to its commitment to delivering high-quality underground electronic music. You haven't truly experienced Ibiza until you've spent the afternoon dancing in the venue's famed dance floor.