October Weather In Ibiza


While the hot summer season is long over in October, it is still considered a perfect time to visit the island because of the relatively small number of people around. It is also a calmer time to visit the place because the high summer season when people flock the area has passed. Ibiza gets about eight hours of sunshine every day, so there are plenty of chances to relax and sunbathe on the beach.

In October, the average temperature in Ibiza ranges around 21.5 °C, which sometimes peaks at 25 °C during the hottest days. Days during this time are perfect because it is not too cold nor too hot. Water temperatures are usually about 23 °C, which is considered ideal for bathing in the sea.

Since the summertime is over, it is recommended for travelers to pack a jacket at night to prepare for the chilly air, which sometimes drops to 18°C. The month with the greatest rainfall in Ibiza is October, with rain falling for 9.5 days and averaging 51mm (2.01") of precipitation. The daily maximum temperature is 24 °C, while the daily minimum temperature is 16 °C.

We highly recommend visitors to come and explore Ibiza in October as it is less packed with people, but the weather is still good. Each month of the year has its own pros and cons, but it is safe to say that October is a perfect month to visit if you are longing for a more peaceful stay without the hustle and bustle.