The Best Sunset Spot in Ibiza


One of the lovely moments a person can savor on his vacation is watching the sunset after a fun-filled day. While the sun sets every day, taking a few minutes to gaze and admire the natural beautiful hues of orange, pink, and violet offers serenity and calm to almost everyone.

Sunset views in Ibiza are romantic, motivating, and precious enough not to boast and show off on social media. After all, most of us only see the beauty of sunsets when we are on a nice trip amid a marvelous setting. The following are the best sunset spots available on the island, where you can sip your favorite drink as you marvel at the varied shades of the skies.

1.     Benirras Beach

After decades of being a hidden gem by the locals, Benirras, which is located on the island's northwest coast, has become one of Ibiza's most popular sunset destinations. It has become a must-see for tourists, especially on Sundays when people gather on the beach as they see the skies change its colors.

Only a ten-minute drive away from San Miguel, Benirras is a perfect place to view the sunset together with your companion or even when alone. It is reached along a scenic route that winds down over hills and valleys. It is a lovely beach with partially pebbly sand, boulders on either side to scramble over, and a beautiful view across the lake. The place is also popular for its unusual rock structure known as Cap Bernat. The seabed is rough, and the water is crystal clear, making it ideal for snorkelers. There is a popular hippie tradition done in this area where drummers go to the beach to play their instruments as the sun goes down.

2.     Cala Conta

Cala Conta is well-known to many. It is one of the nicest beaches on the island, with spectacular views dotting the shoreline, stunning blue seas, and various spots to explore. Aside from it being a picture-perfect beach spot, it is also known as a beautiful sunset site with stunning views as the sun gently sinks into the sea. This is a perfect place to see the water as it meets the sky. It is an amazing spot full of magic where visitors can enjoy the crystalline waters and nature alike. The beach is flanked on two sides by rocky outcroppings, with a little cove at the end, which is accessible through steps dug into the rock. Tourists who practice nudism frequent this area since it is considerably calmer than the other adjacent beaches.

3.     Es Codolar Beach

Es Codolar is considered one of the island's longest and least-crowded beaches. It is fully covered in enormous grey stone, making the entrance to the place a little difficult. However, once you get past that, the smooth beach and the crystal-clear waters will surely seem like bliss. The parameters of the beach are just small, but people still flock the place to appreciate the scenery since it provides a different and unique perspective on Es Codolar's sunset. Due to its rocky nature, the pebbled shore receives fewer visitors than the other beaches. However, you surely won't regret taking the road trip if you happen to catch a sunset here, since you will see the sun fall beyond the horizon while watching jets take off from the neighboring airport. Any Ibiza expert would tell you that this place offers a spectacular sight.

4.     Es Vedra

The magnificent and mythical rock of Es Vedra is about 400 meters tall off the southwestern coast of the island. Many people visit the place just to wander at this fascinating structure, and it is easy to figure out why. When you first see this massive rock, you will surely be filled with amazement and astonishment. The scenery in this place would leave your heart ablaze with delight, and it does wonders for your mood. It has quickly become one of Ibiza's must-visit tourist attractions, and the place truly does catch the attention, even of those who were just passing by. Visitors would surely love its sunset, where the sun magnificently rises from the water, practically emanating a sense of tranquility. It comes as no surprise that people visit the place because of the beauty it boasts. The golden beach offers unobstructed views of the sunset where you can dine as you enjoy the breathtaking vistas.

5.     San Antonio Bay

The San Antonio Bay Resort is known for its spectacular views of the stunning azure waters and beautiful sunsets. It is ideal for all types of vacations, be it with family and friends. People from various countries and ages visit the place to enjoy the laid-back atmosphere. Sunsets here are memorable for several reasons. The place has clean air because of it being a tiny island. Also, the broad sea allows vibrant colors to refract easily, resulting in a vibrant color palette which ranges from hues of orange to violets and pinks.

6.     Las Salinas

The beachfront at Las Salinas is the southernmost tip of Ibiza and is known to be quite chilly. It is called after the salt lakes on the southern coast. Pine trees line the extremely long and broad crescent of the light sand beach. The water is very clear, with a few swells on windy days, making it ideal for bodysurfing. All the bars here play a good mix of dance and Balearic music that flows out onto the beach, and they deliver cocktails and food orders right at your preferred spot. A calmer portion of the beach may be found farther down, which is popular with nudists, hippies, and clubbers who descend from the long Ibiza evenings.