Foil Surfing

Experience the unique feeling of surfing and flying at the same time!

Foil Surfing

Ibiza Foils is the world's first authorized lift eFoil reseller and rental centre. Ibiza will open in the summer of 2018 and the UAE will open in December of 2018. Highly trained, accredited instructors are knowledgeable about water sports and efoiling, and they will help riders who have never flown before take off in just a few minutes!

Anyone can fly!

In 2018 Ibiza Foils introduced efoiling to Spain. This new water sport gives a unique feeling of surfing and flying at the same time!

It’s exhilarating.

It’s mindful.

It’s addictive.

It’s the ultimate ride this summer!

What exactly is efoiling?

Efoiling is the next step in the progression of surfing, since it is both creative and environmentally sustainable. An eFoil is an electronic hydrofoil board that allows you to travel over any body of water without the need for waves, wind, or towing. It's made for true water aficionados!

We just use the right equipment for our sessions. We only deal with Lift Foils, a brand that promises cutting-edge technology.

Who is it intended for?

All will benefit from efoiling! It's less difficult than sailing, and our team will get everyone up on the board in just a few minutes. Riders with more confidence will hit speeds of up to 40 km/h!

The minimum age is 18 years old, and the mean weight is 113 kilograms.

Person and group sessions are available.

What would we expect?

The entire session is led by an Ibiza Foils coach who sets up the equipment and supports the participants in being acquainted with the eFoil – or mastering their efoiling skills!

All eFoil rentals include:

Bluetooth earpiece for up to date technique instructions

Full eFoil unit (battery, strut, foil, etc.), set up by our expert

Safety equipment

On and off the water training

Getting up on the eFoil within the first hour and lifting with a maximum of two hours!

We operate:

– off yachts and boats

– off public beaches

– off private beaches