Aeroport de Ibiza

Aeroport de Ibiza

Your luxurious stopover for functional leisure. 

After years of serving passengers with deluxe transportation to and from the beautiful Balearic islands of Spain, Aeroport de Ibiza continues to bring people to their vacation destinations safely and lavishly. Filled with modern runways and taxiways, you can expect smooth travelling in every area of the facility. With progressive improvements since the early ’90s, the airport better accommodates the influx of travellers with terminal enhancements and glamorous stops.

Your airport encounter does not have to be a dreadful one. Stroll around the spacious premises of Aeroport de Ibiza and find an abundance of stalls, restaurants, and places to visit. Partake in a fulfilling meal, shop for souvenirs, and find a comfortable place to relax before you board your next flight.

Things To Do In Aeroport de Ibiza

Shop For You and your Loved Ones

Aeroport de Ibiza is full of shops with the widest selection of items. Drop by their Duty-free for a couple of snacks, or get your loved ones precious gifts from one of their luxury brands.

Enjoy A Scrumptious Meal

Get a taste of Spain in one of the airport’s many renowned restaurants. With the variety of food available, you are sure to find a meal that suits your palate and leaves you with a satisfied stomach.

Get Comfortable and Relax

Lounge around and get some fulfilling shut-eye before your flight in the comfort of Aeroport de Ibiza’s cozy facilities. Enjoy the waiting time in the peaceful and friendly atmosphere.