Serenity and exuberance in one gorgeous setting.

Being one of the most distinctive and versatile places on the island,  Benimussa can be anything you imagine. It is a favourite open-air venue with an extremely spacious area to accommodate peace-seeking souls. In the day, enjoy the fresh and colourful scenery and in the night, watch the park come to life with even more vibrant colours and music. Create the most fun memories and party the night away in a beautiful Alfresco setting.

There are no dull moments in Benimussa. When a party isn’t occupying the area, there is another program taking place. The park is full of love and laughter, celebrating life in every possible way.

Don't Miss These Places in Benimussa

  • Urban Lounge Ibiza
  • Viva Tennis Ibiza
  • Tapas Bar Restaurant
  • Villa Olivos De Can Tomas

Things To Do In Benimussa

Join The Party

Most of the time, the island is in the middle of a festive party. Jump right in and socialise with locals and foreigners for a world-class fun time.

Experiential Art

Benimussa is famous for its artistic endeavors. Home to countless underground artists who do excellent animal body paint and designers who create the fanciest clothing pieces, don’t miss out on the island art.

Relax And Unwind

After all the parties you encounter, replenish yourself with well-deserved rest in one of the luxurious accommodations in Benimussa.