Cala Bassa

Cala Bassa

Is a prominent area near San Antonio that attracts visitors daily. It has brilliant, blue seas and smooth, pale golden sand. It is also flanked by a woodland area with ancient, gnarled Sabina trees. It has clear and calm waters, making it a safe swimming location for youngsters. Everyone will surely find something fun to do here—from families, adrenaline junkies, to party-goers.

Don't Miss These Places in Cala Basa

  • Cala Bassa Beach
  • CBbC Restaurant
  • Codolar Cove

Things to do in Cala Basa

Beach Visits

With its horseshoe shape, Cala Bassa Beach is the only beach in Ibiza that embodies the unique blend of excitement and tranquillity. It is an ideal sunset territory, which makes it one of the most diversified beach clubs in Ibiza. The place is a setting unlike any other, with beautiful white sand, crystal clear water, and a backdrop of Sabina trees. The rocky promontories on either side of the beach are ideal for fishing or jumping off into the water. You surely won’t regret it if you stay until sunset to view its pink and purple skies. It has some of the purest and cleanest water, and the softest golden sand you will ever see in Ibiza.


Jet skiing is an ideal way to discover some of the island’s most beautiful and scenic spots up close and personal. You may hire skilled instructors to take you on a thrilling jet-ski trip over the crystal-clear sea. You will be given the freedom to explore the coastline of the beautiful pine-clad Ibiza beaches and view the coastline’s bends and magnificent natural sights.

The place is safe for youngsters to swim in the water since it is rather shallow. Adults will also appreciate the crystal-clear water and rocky landscape ideal for cliff diving for more daring swimmers. The granite outcrops surrounding the area is also perfect for people who enjoy fishing, as they can sit and wait for their catch.

Because of the quiet and welcoming sea, the Cala Bassa beach is also great for snorkelling. Snorkelers can come across interesting fish among the rugged rocks and little caverns. Kayaks and paddleboards can also be rented, and lifeguards will ensure that even small children will have a safe beach adventure. Indeed, Cala Bass offers different sorts of water activities for tourists from all walks of life.


Cala Bassa offers a one-of-a-kind culinary experience, including gourmet menus, gastronomic restaurants, quick meals, and even sushi platters. Their famous dining place, the CBbC Restaurant, has a fantastic culinary fusion menu that goes well with its interiors. The talented chefs are enthusiastic about what they do and are skilled at combining fresh local ingredients to create delectable dishes.

Another favourite dining place in the area is La Cueva Restaurant, an authentic Italian restaurant that also employs the finest local products. It consistently receives outstanding reviews online for its excellent food, wine choices, and service.


There are plenty of reasonably priced villas available in Cala Bassa. Staying in one is a good option because you can watch Ibiza’s spectacular sunsets with views of the countryside straight from the balconies. They are placed in an idyllic location for a peaceful family holiday or getaway set in a luxurious setting.


Hidden between the beaches of Platges de Comte and Cala Bassa lies Codolar Cove. It is considered one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean because of this enclave’s being much quieter and serene than its neighbours. This is an ideal place for those who like less crowded places, without hampering the quality of the sight.