Cala Gracio

Cala Gracio

A secluded golden haven for all kinds of travelers.

A more refined side of Ibiza, Cala Gracio is the pristine island getaway. The sunkissed beach is even more vibrant with its golden sand, beautifully paired with crystal clear waters. Experience all the elements of a great vacation without bumping into too many people. Completely unwind in private accommodations far from the hustle and bustle of the beach.

Enjoy the range of island ventures with multiple water sports such as snorkeling. Also, take the edge off and get some drinks by the beach bars. Match the drinks with a scrumptious Mediterranean meal and call it a day. Rest easy in their cozy and secluded accommodations as well.

Don't Miss These Places in Cala Gracio

  • Cala Gracioneta
  • Villa Cala Salada
  • La Bella Verde

Things To Do In Cala Gracio

Chill In A Villa

Cala Gracio is your home away from home with the most comfortable villas. You’ll enjoy the indoors just as much as you will the outdoors in these facilities.

Explore The Island Activities

What better way to tour the place than to immerse yourself in island activities? From snorkeling to boat rides, you’re sure to find the perfect activity or bask in the beauty of the beach at the same time.

Gastronomic Indulgence

Enjoy refreshments and gastronomic delights by the beach, which is surrounded by the best eateries. Every meal is sure to be accompanied by a spectacular view.