Cala Llenya

Cala Llenya

A popular destination for families, couples, or groups looking for a laid-back and relaxing place to stay on the northeast coast of Ibiza. The place is considered a favourite among locals because it is in harmony with the sea, the sun, and nature. It is seldom too crowded, which makes it a perfect area to visit in the peak season when other Ibizan beaches are brimming with tourists. Its calm, azure blue waters are suitable for swimmers of all levels of skill, and an excellent spot for kids to play because it is very shallow even in a far distance.

With picnic spots beneath the pine trees and resort-style beach restaurants offering everything for everyone, it is an ideal vacation place for people of all ages. Unwind and enjoy the excellent amenities that Cala Llenya has to offer—a haven of tranquillity like no other.

Don’t Miss These Places in Cala Llenya

  • Cala Llenya Beach
  • Cala Llenya Resort
  • Restaurante Mar Azul
  • Restaurante Can Pep
  • Cala Llenya Flea Market

Things To Do in Cala Llenya

Beach visits

Cala Llenya Beach lies on the island’s east coast, and it is a perfect place to go if you want to escape the crowds while having your beach day during peak season. The beach is sheltered from the winds in September and October, making those months the best time to visit. It is one of the island’s calmer beaches, surrounded by a beautiful pine forest that is great for finding cover in the scorching summer sun. Because of the shallow waters, it is ideal for a fun family day on the beach with little children. The place is perfect for water sports and beach volleyball. It is a family-friendly beach with a laid-back vibe and a variety of amenities.


While staying out exploring the beauty of Cala Llenya is fun, staying in a villa and enjoying the feeling of isolation is equally nice too. From scenic views and convenient locations, you will surely find the best one for you and your family. Villas here are not just a perfect place for tranquil relaxation, but they also allow easy access to many of the go-to spots in the village, like beaches and restaurants. With eco-friendly amenities and a touch of modernity, villas here in Cala Llenya ooze grandeur while also providing up-to-date technology, security, and comfort that any guest might want.

Water Activities

Paddle Boarding is one of the most common water activities in the area. Because of its shallow waters, people of all ages could easily adapt to it. It does not have any waves, making it a very nice place to paddle. You will definitely find numerous watersports to your heart’s content. While most of the water activities are in the summer, year-round options like diving and paddleboarding are available. From yachts and speedboats to catamaran and sailing boats, there are a lot of agencies or centers which provide tour packages for tourists. You may also try to take a kayak excursion for a more immersive experience to see the coast and caves. Jet ski rentals are also available in the area if you're after an adrenaline kick.


Restaurante Mar Azul is one of the best-loved Mediterranean restaurants in the area. This restaurant never fails to provide its patrons with exquisite food and some of the finest traditional Mediterranean dishes found anywhere on the island. They have the highest quality-price ratio, with excellent service and creative meals that will please even the most discerning palates. Paellas, rice, meat, and fresh fish are among the few dishes they are known for.

Restaurante Ca’n Pep is another crowd favourite. It specializes in homestyle cooking with a rustic theme overlooking the beautiful view of the bay’s clear waters. The place is considered a perfect restaurant for families. Visitors can definitely expect warm hospitality because of their friendly staff.


One of the most convenient places to shop in this area is the Cala Llenya flea market. It began as a secondhand store and has since evolved into a craft market. It is not as crowded as the other markets in Ibiza, making it a favourite amongst locals. The Cala Llenya Street market is a lovely site to visit: it is full of pine trees, with wide spaces and lounging areas. You'll find a wide range of items here, all of them have one thing in common: they were all made in Ibiza.