Cala Llonga

Cala Llonga

A perfect vacation place for parents and children. Throughout the summer, Cala Llonga transforms into a self-sufficient tourist complex fit for everyone. It is a popular destination with a wide array of activities, bars, and restaurants loved by tourists and locals alike. It is one of the few beaches where visitors do not have to travel far to find everything they need during their week on the island.

Everything from beach parties to watersports and restaurants, the whole place is designed to ensure that families enjoy a wonderful vacation. Luxurious beaches, stunning views, and excellent bars make Cala Llonga a perfect all-day destination.

Don't Miss These Places in Cala Llonga

  • Pirate Bar
  • Mayfair Bar
  • Basoa Cocktail Bar
  • Cala Llonga Beach
  • Casita Restaurant,
  • Amante
  • Moos Kitchen
  • Can Kats Boutique and Yoga Room
  • La Sirena

Things To Do In Cala Llonga


Cala Llonga not only boasts its pristine waters, but it is also a perfect place for those who love hiking. There are two famous organized hiking trails in this area, namely the Cala Llonga to Cala Blanca Tunnel and the Cala Llonga to Sol d’en Serra.

The Cala Llonga to Cala Blanca Tunnel trail is definitely a lovely hike for those interested in an adventure. Here you will be able to take in the stunning views of Cala Llonga Bay while walking through a secret tunnel, which even up to this day, no one knows what it was made for. There are a plethora of rumours about smuggling routes, but no one can say for certain.

Another is the Cala Llonga to Sol d’en Serra trail. Here, you will see the gorgeous Cala Llonga and you may walk to Amante Beach Club (Sol d’en Serra) or further to Cala Olivera, a beautiful tiny beach.

Beach visits

One of the most sought-after places here is the Cala Llonga beach, which boasts a wonderful bay suitable for day trips and sightseeing. Cala Llonga beach is popular for its turquoise water and gleaming white sand that is surrounded by gorgeously landscaped hills. Here, the water flows gently and a lifeguard is also on standby to keep an eye on everyone, making it ideal for families with children. Also, there are pine trees to provide shade, while sunbeds and umbrellas are available for rent. Surprisingly, there is also a playground near the beach where kids can have fun and play. The beach bar is also right next to it, making it easy for parents to look after their children while they dine and lounge.


You may also dine in restaurants like La Casita Restaurant, Amante, and Moos Kitchen, which serve a variety of Mediterranean to international dishes.

La Casita, located between Santa Eulalia and Cala Llonga in the Valverde Urbanization, is popular with both locals and tourists. The restaurant, which specializes in Austrian cuisine and creative specialities, also provides a high-quality catering service for private parties and celebrations. This is a picture-perfect farmhouse that has been providing delectable food for years. It is the ideal setting for a cosy, intimate supper or special occasion because of its distinctive ambience and breathtaking views of the pine valley below. La Casita also has a fountain terrace and a lovely marquee, allowing it to host larger events like weddings and birthday parties.

Amante Beach Restaurant is a calm beach club located on a steep cliff overlooking the magnificent Sol d’en Serra bay near Santa Eulalia. It provides a perfect backdrop for midday meals and great dining in the nighttime breeze and is surrounded by lush flora. Here, the beautiful contemporary Spanish and Italian dishes are accented with fresh fish and grilled meat, and the modern Mediterranean menu is simply refined and fresh. To offer the greatest fresh fruits and vegetables to their patrons, Amante has established an organic garden where an Ibiza local with thirty years of organic agricultural experience takes care of it.

Moos Kitchen, on the other hand, is famous for its salads and acai bowls. They serve the healthiest, most colourful, and most filling salads on the island. Not only is every salad and sandwich beautifully made with fresh and local ingredients, but they are also bursting with flavour.

Bar Hopping

Cala Llonga is known for its nice and accommodating bars known to host adults and even children. The town is known for the glamorous experience it gives to people who are there for relaxation. The Pirate Bar, Mayfair Bar, and Basoa Cocktail Bar are some of the most sought-after bars in the area.

The Pirate Bar is known for its large selection of drinks, friendly staff, and lovely, intricate decorations. Here, the choices of cocktails, beers, wines, spirits, and even coffee are excellent value for the money. In the bar’s background, you can hear a good selection of tunes played while you sit down and enjoy your choice of drink.

Mayfair Bar is known for its cocktails. They have an array of cocktails to choose from, and their service is exceptional and absolutely exquisite. The staff here are also known to be very friendly and welcoming.

The Basoa Cocktail Bar is also a crowd favourite. The bar has a really lush vibe, nice décors and excellent music choice. The owner is very friendly, and the prices are very reasonable.

Water Activities

Because of its safe waters, Cala Llonga is known for a number of water activities like snorkelling, pedalling, and jet skiing. Places like Playa Cala Llonga is a go-to site for snorkelling because of their clean beaches and clear waters. It has a very nice secluded beach, though it can get pretty busy as it is surrounded by big hotels on both sides. Because of the crystal clear waters, it is easy to spot sea wildlife like fishes and even stingrays. The visibility here is perfect and one could stay for hours looking at all the different types of sea creatures that live there.

Pedalling is also an excellent way to spend the day having fun. Renting a pedal boat is a must-do experience for any traveller. There are pedalos available on the beach; their price usually ranges from ten euros an hour. It is great for exploring all of Cala Llonga’s lovely coves. It is better if you go in a group, whether with friends or with your family. It is definitely a chill way to spend the day with loved ones while basking in the sun.

Another popular water activity in the area is jet skiing, where tourists can enjoy jet ski trips with excursions of various lengths. There are a lot of jet ski rentals and tours available online where instructors are highly qualified and have years of experience in jet ski tours.


Just like any village in Ibiza, hippy markets are also available here. Markets are usually open every May to October, from six in the evening until midnight. There are stands that sell boho clothing, bags, and jewellery.

One of the well-known shopping places here in Cala Llonga is Can Kats Boutique and Yoga Room which sells Ibizan handcrafted gift items, beach wears, home decor, jewellery, and more. Aside from that, they also provide daily yoga sessions, workshops and massages.

Another famous shopping place in the area is La Sirena, an Ibizan equivalent of Target. The store sells electrical supplies, home and garden equipment, as well as men’s and women’s apparel.