Cala San Vicente

Cala San Vicente

Like many other Ibizan beaches, features a curved stretch of golden sand bordered by sparkling seas and a boardwalk. It is safe, gorgeous, and incredibly broad that even during peak season there's plenty of room for everyone. It is particularly remarkable due to its stunning turquoise sea and excellent clifftop. It is best viewed from the winding road which overlooks the modest, traffic-free promenade lined with palms. This beach might be windy and the surf can be turbulent at times, but it is all the more frequently visited by people because of it. Cala San Vicente attracts a diverse range of visitors, including young people, families, couples, and the elderly—all thanks to its convenient location.

Don't Miss These Places in Cala San Vicente

  • Beach of Sa Cala De Sant Vicent
  • Restaurante & Chill Out- On the Beach Ibiza
  • Culleram cave

Things to do in Cala San Vicente

Beach Visits

Cala San Vicente, more than any other beach on Ibiza, attracts a diverse range of visitors from throughout the world, with a notable British and German presence throughout the summer. The beach of Sa Cala De Sant Vicent is ideal for a long day away from the city’s bustle and hustle. It is filled every day with primarily young people, including both tourists and residents. It is a great beach for families because it is one of the island's safest beaches. This popular beach has shallow waves, a promenade, and sand that begs to be played with. It may get crowded in the peak season, but because it has a broad coast, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding a spot. It also has palm trees instead of the usual pine trees, making it feel a little more tropical than some of Ibiza's other beaches. While it can be a little windy at times, the heat just adds to the experience.


The road heading in from the south provides spectacular views of the entire bay and lovely Ibiza beach, making it a popular spot for people looking for water activities. Juan, an Ibicenco with a huge moustache, rests beneath an umbrella beside his rental boats on the right side of the Ibiza beach. Please note that Juan's Ibiza boat rentals are only available between the 15th of May and the 15th of October. He offers a variety of water sport and recreational vessels to pick from, including zodiacs, kayaks, and pedalos.


Along the promenade that runs along to the beach, there is a fair selection of pubs and restaurants, many of which offer fresh seafood and Paella.

One of the famous ones, Restaurante & Chill Out- On the Beach Ibiza, has long been the go-to spot for a nice lunch after a day at the beach. It boasts a romantic supper in a gorgeous setting where you can relax and unwind. The exquisite environment, which overlooks a lush, golden beach and a magnificent blue sea amidst majestic hills, is ideal for you to lounge and appreciate all that life has in store.


Most of the villas here are set in a picturesque bay surrounded by a pine forest. They are the ideal setting for getting lost and discovering the authentic spirit of the Balearic islands. Villas in Cala San Vicente are ideal for people looking for a relaxing vacation in a beautiful environment. This charming historic fishing community has a lot to offer. Many of them have a rustic charm and an inviting atmosphere, with beautiful mountain vistas. It is an ideal place to stay and relax in the sunshine, with beautiful views and a serene, peaceful ambience.


Cala de San Vicente has a little harbour from which you may explore Tagomago Island or go on excursions to the famous Culleram cave. This 150-meter-high cave is located on the land of Can Quintals, just a few kilometres from Sant Vicente cove. According to archaeological records, Es Culleram was discovered in 1907. It is a massive cave, with ceilings exceeding 150 meters in height. Es Culleram Punic Sanctuary, which is part of the Can Quintals property, is significant in Ibiza's archaeological history.

The cave was found in 1907, the same year that excavation by the Ebutisan Archaeological Society was finished. The society discovered several terracotta figurines and other objects during this dig. They uncovered 600 complete clay sculptures and over a thousand heads, as well as a bone or ivory lion figure. A plaque with double Punic lettering was one of the most remarkable artefacts unearthed in the region. It was discovered in 1917 and is now on exhibit at the Alicante Provincial Archaeological Museum. Until 1981, the Es Culleram Punic Sanctuary was a popular destination for archaeologists. The cave is currently part of the Insular Council of Ibiza.