Cala Tarida

Cala Tarida

Situated between the island’s third-largest town, San Antonio, and the charming village of Sant Josep is a haven of peace and tranquillity. It is ideal for families, as well as couples who will enjoy romantic meals with the beautiful Ibizan sunset as a backdrop. Its stunning location features miles of immaculate white beach and crystal-clear turquoise seas. It is a paradise for tourists due to its quiet ambience, hotels, trending restaurants, and local pubs, in addition to its natural beauty. It is surrounded by rolling green hills and some of the greatest sunsets in the Balearic islands making it a perfect place to stay and enjoy your holidays.

Don’t miss these Places in Cala Tarida

  • Restaurante S’Espartar
  • Ses Eufabies
  • Cotton Beach Club

Things to do in Cala Tarida

Beach visits

Cala Tarida boasts one of the best beaches on the island, making this fine sandy paradise an excellent place for families. The place boasts good amenities as well as equipment to enjoy your day on the beach like chairs and umbrellas.

There is a little cove on the right side of the beach, near the islet of Sa Sabata, where nudism is frequent. Also, a few typical fishermen cottages are clustered amid the rocks in the other direction.

The scenery, which is made up of brilliant white beaches and sun-bleached rocks, also radiates light. The water stays waist-deep, making it excellent for beginners who want to attempt snorkelling with their kids. There are rocky portions on each side of the beach, as well as a few stone platforms that rise barely above the water's surface. On the beachfront, there are plenty of beach bars, restaurants, and hotels where you can refuel and take a respite from the noon sun.

Chill Night-outs

Cala Tarida's nightlife is a little more laid-back than the daytime, with karaoke and live music mixed in with lots of Spanish cuisine and drink. There are plenty of bars in the area where you can order cocktails made from natural ingredients. Booking inexpensive Ibiza vacations in Cala Tarida means that San Antonio Town is only down the road and Ibiza Town is only a little farther away if you like your nights to be more vibrant. The disco bus will transport you to all of the island's nightclubs, including Amnesia and Privilege.


Cala Tarida offers a small selection of restaurants with an emphasis on typical Spanish dishes and holiday fast-food favourites. There are quite a number of well-known restaurants in the area where you can dine and lounge comfortably with your peers.

Restaurante S’Espartar is one of the most distinctive restaurants on the island because of the quality of the seafood they prepare. It is also popular for its stunning views from the top of the Cala Tarida mountain where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the sunset from their open terraces. The place is known for its traditional meals like fish stew, fried potatoes, pork peppers, garlic, and lobster stew.

Another crowd-favourite is the Ses Eufabies Restaurant which is known for its delicious food with an extensive menu served in a beachside location. Position-wise it has the best views of the sunset in Cala Tarida, plus the staff are accommodating and friendly.


The white sands of Cala Tarida stretch for 270 meters, accented by rocky outcrops that are ideal for snorkelling and diving. The seas are calm, shallow, and family-friendly making it a perfect destination for people looking for fun and adventure.

One of the nicest things to do in Cala Tarida is to go scuba diving. There are scuba diving centres in the area that provide expert training for both beginning and intermediate divers who want to experience the vibrant underwater environment.

Snorkelling and free diving with the fish is another fun way to get a feel of the ocean floor. There’s nothing more interesting than seeing a variety of fishes swimming in shallow waters right in front of you. You may also party in the popular Cotton Beach Club in Cala Tarida, in addition to spending the day at the beach doing all sorts of activities.


Shopping here in Cala Tarida is limited to a range of supermarkets and a few varieties of shops catering to tourists. However, it is within close proximity to nearby villages like Ibiza Town and San Antonio which provides a multitude of shops for shoppers.