Cala Vadella

Cala Vadella

The scenic bay offers spectacular views of the sea, and the lovely beach is flanked by lovely pine-clad hills that are ideal for lengthy hikes. There is also a tiny resort on the bay, popular with children and couples who like the tranquil atmosphere. This is one of the most popular beaches in Ibiza for families, with a number of water activities and a variety of restaurants to choose from. Cala Vadella is best visited in the early summer before the peak season comes and the beach gets overcrowded. It is a perfect place to visit if you’re searching for a beautiful beach that is conveniently accessible and has all the required amenities.

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  • Cala Vadella Beach
  • Cana Sofia
  • Maria Luisa

Things to do in Cala Vadella

Beach Visits

The large, broad beach of Cala Vadella with fine white sand gently dips into shallow waters close to the coast. It is ideal for fun and activities for the family. On this broad beach, even at the height of summer, there is always a place to be found where you can rest and hide in the shade. The crystal blue water is ideal for swimming and snorkelling, and there is also a diving school nearby. Cala Vedella's beach has excellent shower and toilet facilities along the coast, where local businesses hire out sun loungers and parasols at reasonable rates. Along the beach, there are a few tiny stores selling typical snacks and drinks. There are a number of cafés and restaurants which offer stunning views of the harbour and the boats moored there. A very beautiful, serene moment of joy comes around the time of the sunset with its array of colours, with children playing on the magnificent beach.

Another known beach in the area is the Cala d’Hort which is a ten-minute drive from Cala Vadella. It is a beautiful beach with a 200-meter stretch of sand bordered by rocks and a backdrop of towering cliffs and pine trees. It has a magnificent view of Es Vedra and Es Vedranell which were once utilized as a haven for pirates and corsairs. The pebbly area of the beach is flanked by cliffs. One of the nicest views of the bay is from the cliff-top car park above the bay’s southern end.


The secluded bay's tranquil waters encourage you to participate in a variety of water sports such as pedalos, kayaking, stand up paddle, or diving at the diving school. All activities must take place outside of the swimmer-protected area, ensuring that bathing is always safe.

A boat tour is strongly suggested, especially during the hot summer months, and is great fun for the whole family. There are boat rides from Cala Vadella to the rock of Es Vedrà and the sister island of Formentera. You might even rent a small boat and explore the stunning west coast on your own.


The beach is lined by a fantastic assortment of restaurants and beach bars, most of which have spectacular views of the bay. Some of the clubs have vibrant nightlife, and the sunsets are particularly breathtaking. Along the shore, there are a number of eateries serving fresh seafood and Mediterranean cuisine.

One of the famous restaurants in the area is Cana Sofia. The place offers paella, crayfish, shrimp, and other local delicacies. It is a beautiful restaurant with good service. They also offer a sizable wine list. It has two levels with two different rooms and is only forty meters from the sea. The restaurant bar features a terrace and a second air-conditioned space on the ground floor, both freshly refurbished in a classic Ibizan style. The restaurant includes a big space on the second floor that can accommodate 150 people and is completely prepared to host a variety of events while providing breathtaking views of the sea.

Another must-visit is the Maria Luisa which has been serving great Mediterranean food using the best Ibizan ingredients since 1987. It offers a contemporary twist to their menu while staying true to their tradition. A few of their best-sellers include paellas, Bullit de Peix, fresh fish, and grilled meats.


Cala Vadella is home to a number of gorgeous villas waiting to be habited. Many people thought that Cala Vadella is just a small plain village before heavy tourism arrived. Only after much of the construction of gorgeous and luxe villages were made that it was able to get much recognition. Because of it being a perfect place for swimming of its clear waters and fine sand, it became a favourite tourist destination on the island. There are plenty of decent amenities which will make your stay a relaxing one.