Es Cubells

Es Cubells

Located just outside of San Jose’s bustling centre, it is far away enough to provide a delightful sense of isolation. It may be small in size, but it is without a doubt one of Ibiza’s most sought-after neighbourhoods, private villas dotting the rocky cliffside are luxurious in a style that sets the tone for the perfect Mediterranean escape. It is ideal for individuals who wish to reconnect with nature, enjoy the beauty of beaches, and seek solitude and the calm that only this place could provide.

Don't Miss These Places in Es Cubells

  • Es Cubells Beach
  • Ses Boques Beach
  • Cala Llentrisca
  • Ses Boques Restaurant
  • Bar Restaurant Es Cubells
  • Mare de Deu del Carme

Things to do in Es Cubells

Beach Visits

Es Cubells’ secluded beach is sheer paradise. The beach is pebbly and blue, and the beach café nearby is usually packed by midday. Because of this, it is better to arrive there early to get the finest seats and view. The tranquillity of this beach is enhanced by the presence of a few fishermen's cottages near the beach's western end.

Following the road, you'll arrive at Ses Boques beach, which has a modest beach restaurant serving traditional island gastronomy. Another favourite is Cala Llentrisca, a fenced beach cove with a tiny pier and a number of fishermen's huts. It is located at the end of the road and is a perfect location to rest.


Es Cubells offers a breathtaking coastline route with panoramic views of the Mediterranean’s turquoise waves. The trail is not for the faint of heart, and while it is safe, it is quite challenging for rookie hikers. If you're up for a challenge, the spectacular vistas and secluded waterside location at the bottom will not disappoint. The trek will take around two hours to reach, and there are no facilities or services available until you return to Es Cubells town. The trek begins at the observation point in Es Cubells Church Plaza, where you will find some stairs leading down to Cueva de la Fuente Cave. Further on the trail, you will reach a paved road, then turn left through the Vista Alegre residential neighbourhood until you reach Ses Boques Beach. Once you reach the beach, continue down the tarmacked road until you reach the stunning Cala Llentrisca bay.


Ses Boques is one of the well-known dining places in Es Cubells. This is a rustic beach nestled in a lovely environment covered by Sabina trees. The majority of the fish and meat served in this restaurant are freshly sourced from Ibiza’s land and waters. One of their specialities is roasted fish with a salt crust, and because it is carefully roasted in the oven in Ibizan salt, the flavours of the fish are brought to their fullest.

Another must-visit is the Bar Restaurant Es Cubells, which is famous for serving Mediterranean cuisine. The place is known for its exotic ambience, great service, and friendly staff. You may try their monkfish, paella, and cheesecakes at a fair price.


There are a number of villas available in Es Cubells. Most of them offer the best Mediterranean views of Formentera in the distance. The villas here boast panoramic sea views set high against the hill overlooking the famous church. Spending your vacation in a villa is truly a perfect getaway if you want to enjoy the peace and quiet far from the madding crowd.


Standing at the top of the cliffs of Es Cubells is a monument for fishermen. It was erected in 1996 and was made in memory of the missing sailors. It has been a famous spot since then. Another sight to see in the area is Mare de Deu del Carme, also known as the Church of Es Cubells. In the 19th century, Father Francesco Palau created a chapel dedicated to the Mare de Déu del Carme. When it was destroyed during the Spanish Civil War, the Bishop of Ibiza restored it as a church. In 1988, he was beatified and became famous for his hermitages on the island of Es Vedrà, near the settlement of Es Cubells. The church was formally opened in 1957. Despite being one of Ibiza's newest churches, it maintains the island's traditional appearance, making it a popular venue for weddings involving visitors from other parts of the island.