Tucked away on the outskirts of Ibiza Town, just five minutes from the legendary Pacha. If you happen to come, you’ll notice a plethora of great cafes, boutiques, and bars that contribute to the lively atmosphere here. It's a tiny town, like most of the island's main settlements, with separate genuine whitewashed cottages and a variety of wonderful taverns and restaurants offering a diverse range of gastronomic options, from new modern cuisine to local traditional bars.

Don’t Miss These Places in Jesus

  • S’Estanyol
  • Bon Lloc Bar
  • Cala Bonita
  • Cala Olivera

Things to Do in Jesus

Beach Visits

S’Estanyol, a wonderful and quiet beach, is only five minutes from Jesus. It is a beautiful resting place with its fine cove, shaded pine trees, and crystal-clear water. Even during the peak of the summer season, this beach never feels congested since it is off the beaten path. With its wooden boardwalk surrounded by rocky cliffs, and an outstanding assortment of bars and restaurants, including beach bars, clubs, and restaurants, this hidden treasure is certainly worth a visit.


There are quite a number of high-class gastronomic and social scene opportunities in the area of Jesus where restaurants offer sought-after dining experiences to locals and tourists.

Jesus is known for the Bon Lloc Bar. It is considered one of the oldest bars on the island, with a nice wrap-around terrace, and a relaxed and casual vibe. This is a place where locals and tourists flock all year round. The bar is famous for its spit-roasted chicken, with wonderful tapas to snack on while sipping an ice-cold beer and freshly cooked main meals of fish, shrimp, and beef. Tourists usually return here in the summer to meet for snacks before calling it a night.

Another favourite place amongst locals is Cala Bonita, a charming beach restaurant with wooden tables inspired by the rustic fishing cottages nearby. It has a stunning natural atmosphere where the meals are of high-quality, prepared with locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant also rents out umbrellas, sun loungers, and soft beds for tourists, making it an ideal place to visit for lengthy beach days.


Sightseeing is another activity which you can enjoy in Jesus. One of the famous spots in the area is the Church of Nostra Mare de Jesus. It is unique among Ibiza's churches since it houses remarkable pieces of artwork that have survived over 500 years of invasions and are still in good condition. A visit to this church is not complete without witnessing Rodrigo de Osona's altarpiece, which has 25 painted panels representing Mary's life.


Aside from pubs and restaurants, Jesus has a plethora of tiny independent stores, delicatessens, and fashion boutiques, as well as a children’s playground where kids can play and enjoy with their parents.

The towns of Jesus, Sant Carles de Peralta, and Santa Gertrudis, provide a variety of shopping options, with charming stores and boutiques showcasing fashion, decorative products, leatherwork, and other items. Furthermore, the municipality also hosts a variety of fairs and events that art aficionados will surely enjoy.