The most wholesome destination of Ibiza island.

Lined with shallow waters and the warm sea breeze, this resort is the perfect vacation destination for families and couples. Portinatx offers both safety and excitement within its premises. The kids can run around on pristine shores without parents worrying about them being swept away into the ocean. For the lovebirds, adults-only escapes are also available.

Get the perfect mix of wholesome and fun in Portinatx. The island is filled with great daytime activities and a handful of low-key bars for adults to enjoy the active nightlife providing plenty of entertainment. If the resort bars don’t do the trick, you could try one of the super clubs of Ibiza. Overall, you can’t go wrong with choosing to stay in Portinatx, Ibiza.

Don't Miss These Places in Portinatx

  • Los Enamorados
  • Ibiza Horse Valley
  • San Carlos Bar Restaurante

Things To Do In Portinatx

Enjoy The Beach

There is an amazing view on every corner of the island. Take it all in as you stroll around their immaculate beaches.

Water Fun

You won’t have a shortage of activities in this area with its numerous water activities. Embark on a lovely boat trip, go snorkeling, or kayaking. The choice is yours.


Living up to the island’s reputation, Portinatx has an active nightlife providing great entertainment for everyone.