Roca Llisa

Roca Llisa

Situated between the towns of Jesus and Cala Llonga and is regarded as the best urbanization on the island. Roca Llisa, in contrast to other hectic locations, may be considered as quiet and picturesque. This magnificent place is a popular tourist destination for visitors from all over the world due to its exquisite surroundings.

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  • Golf Ibiza
  • Golf Club Roca Llisa

Things to do in Roca Llisa

Beach Visits

Roca Llisa is situated between Ibiza town and Santa Eulalia del Rio and one of the nearest beaches in the area is the beautiful Platja Santa Eularia des Rio which boasts fine, light sand, and shallow seas. This beach is approximately ten minutes on foot from the centre of Santa Eulària and is situated in between the mouth of the only river in the Balearic Islands and the Santa Eularia beach. Because of the beach's calm waters, it is ideal for both family swimming and water-based sports. The beach is in a residential and tourist area with a variety of amenities such as adapted parking for people with disabilities, bars, restaurants, shops, showers, and foot showers.


Roca Llisa boasts two beautiful golf courses: Golf Ibiza and Golf Club Roca Llisa. While Golf Ibiza possesses eighteen holes, Golf Roca Llisa has only nine.

Golf Club Roca Llisa is known for its flat and open landscape, making it very appealing for all types of players. It is a terrific place for golfers with only a few hours to spare, as the topology of the terrain allows players to finish the course in under two hours.

Another golf course in the area is the Golf Ibiza Club. It is open all year round and the fees are reasonable. All of the typical amenities are provided, including locker rooms, cart and club rentals, buggy rentals and a shop selling golf equipment.


Since the place is surrounded by beaches from neighbouring areas, there are a number of aquatic activities of every calibre. There are activities catering to adrenaline addicts such as water skiing, and jet skiing, to calmer options such as parasailing, paddle surfing, and kayaking. There is also a protected area dedicated to swimmers to keep them safe from the other water activities and boats in the harbour.


Roca Llisa is known for having a variety of luxury villas to choose from, thanks to the enormous developments made in this place since the 1960s. Most of the villas here features a mix of modern and traditional architecture. The eclectic mix of contemporary designs, artisanal pieces, and one-of-a-kind structures reflects the island’s broad appreciation and understanding of art and design. The estates here are perfectly positioned facing the sea, with an angle that offers optimum light throughout the day and spectacular sunset views into the night. Villas here are the perfect places to stay if you want to be housed in an area that resonates with an effortless and stylish sense of luxury.


There are several rock formations on each side of the beach. These picturesque rock formations serve as a constant reminder of Ibiza’s rough and rustic environment and are popular with daredevil rock jumpers. The abundance of trees in the area also gives shade for those sensitive to the sun, making it ideal for picnics and family outings.

Another sight worth seeing in Roca Llisa is the Olivera Cove which is a perfect place to relax and unwind. It is a lovely cove secluded from tourists. It is a haven for those seeking a place to chill and rest. Here, pine trees, as well as crystal-clear waterways surround anyone who will visit. The place is not congested, making it a frequent destination for nudists. It is, without a doubt, one of the island’s unique locations.