San Antonio Bay

San Antonio Bay

Is calmer than its namesake across the harbour, yet it provides nonstop entertainment for families and children. Here you will discover a diverse range of vacationers of all ages from all around Europe. The popular resort is, in general, pretty laid-back, yet there is something for everyone. San Antonio Bay has been stepping up its game in recent years, with new fashionable villas and extensive renovations to many of its restaurants and cafes. This is a changing place, yet it retains its reputation as the greatest bargain resort on the island.

Don't Miss These Places in San Antonio Bay

  • Es Pouet
  • S’Estanyol
  • Playa Xinxo
  • Restaurante Contravent

Things to do in San Antonio Bay

Beach Visits

You will never go wrong with San Antonio's magnificent broad Bay where five beaches are within short walking distance from each end. Each tiny beach has its own personality and ambience, so you might want to visit a few before settling on your favourite.

Es Pouet is the first tiny beach you come to when you go around the bay from San Antonio. It's a sweeping swath of fine golden sand and shallow water that's ideal for kids to safely play in. Three snack bars are located nearby, and there are pubs and stores across the street. San Antonio and other beaches are served by a ferry boat service.

The two coves that make up the beach of S'Estanyol are located further around the tiny headland from Es Pouet beach. Both offer modest sandy beaches with shallow waves and a variety of water sports to choose from.

Playa Xinxo, commonly known as Cala de Bou, is the bay's last beach. It has a golden sand curve that gradually shelves in calm waves; perfect for the kids or light swimming!


Contra Vent is a favourite hangout spot for hungry locals who crowd the wide patio at all hours of the day and night. The restaurant offers a variety of delicious meal sets throughout the day which includes coffee, tostadas, croissants, and enchiladas for breakfast. You may also order from the entire a la carte menu, which includes a wide variety of salads, the finest grilled meats, speciality rice dishes and paellas, as well as a fair range of tapas and children's meals. Here, freshness and rich flavour are ensured by using a lot of local food and produce. Contra Vent has a solid reputation for serving high-quality meals in ample amounts and for providing courteous service. The place is truly an outstanding value for money.


If you are seeking a calm area to spend your vacation, renting a villa in the unspoiled countryside near San Antonio is the finest option. Villas here are well-known for their spectacular sunsets, making them a sanctuary for those seeking gorgeous vistas. It is also the second biggest city, with a lovely seafront lined with stores and restaurants, as well as vibrant nightlife including bustling pubs and world-famous clubs. This is the best location for friends and families who wish to enjoy peace and quiet while being close to the island's most exclusive beaches, restaurants, bars, groceries, and stores.

Sight-seeing and Watersports

San Antonio Bay and its neighbouring San Antonio are a dream come true for everyone who wants to do more than just lounge on the beach during their vacation. Excursions with the family and thrilling activities are unlimited in this area. The crystal-clear waters of San Antonio Bay are ideal for a variety of water sports as well as relaxing boat rides around the shore. On land, there is also a range of excursions and activities available, such as guided visits to the island's greener areas by Vespa, quad, or e-bike, which are suitable for friends, couples, and children.


San Antonio Bay is wonderful for souvenir shopping and beachwear. Also, the nearby San Antonio town has a larger assortment of native pottery, leather products, and jewellery.