San Antonio

San Antonio

An open stretch of calm waters is one of Europe’s largest and most picturesque natural harbours. It has been a popular holiday destination for years, thanks to its easygoing and laid-back atmosphere. San Antonio is known as the "clubbing capital of the universe," and young holidaymakers from all over the world go to its legendary clubs which hold events with the world's most famous DJs. The entire place is an epitome of a very vibrant and fun-filled place where you can party, dine, enjoy the waters, or just simply admire the magnificent nature. Wherever you go, there is definitely a long list of activities to choose from.

Don’t Miss These Places in San Antonio

  • S’Arenal
  • Es Puet
  • Es Paradis
  • Eden
  • Es Virot
  • Es Gerret
  • Gorilla Hippy Market

Things to do in San Antonio


San Antonio is known for its numerous beaches. S’Arenal, the main beach, is a long stretch of soft sand and shallow waters. In the summer, you can play in the water with other tourists from morning to dusk.

The quaint and peaceful beach of Es Puet located further along the bay is another popular beach in the area. It is known for watersports. On the other side comes the tiny length of sandy beach called Calo des Moro which has a wonderful wooden platform where you can enjoy the sun. Also, the gorgeous beach of Cala Gracio and its attractive neighbouring beach Cala Gracioneta are just a 15-minute walk west of here.

If you want to visit other beaches, the west side of the island has a number of magnificent bays, including Cala Conta, Cala Bassa, and Cala Salada, among others. All of which are easily accessible from San Antonio by vehicle or bus.

Clubbing and Parties

San Antonio is one of the point sites for Ibiza’s well-known boat parties. These sunset parties are a must-do where you can dance to excellent music under the stars.

Because there are so many wonderful pubs on the beachside promenade, San Antonio changes into a party centre where the party frequently starts in the late afternoon. In comparison to Playa d’en Bossa and Ibiza Town, most younger clubbers come to the town in the summer where meeting friends is simple, and costs in the pubs and clubs are lower.

The town is also a home to the famed super clubs, Eden and Es Paradis, which is considered one of Ibiza’s oldest clubs. It is known for water parties, amazing decors, and its pyramid roof. It has been around since the mid-70s and it has been a part of Ibiza’s unique attractions since then.


San Antonio has a superb variety of snack bars and restaurants bordering the seafront and squares, with most of them having spectacular views of the harbour and bay. Many tiny tapas restaurants, taverns, and snack bars may be found in the little passageways behind the fountain area where you can get a quick bite before moving into the night.

Es Virot, one of the famous restaurants in the area, is a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of the island. The elegant, yet casual restaurant is available for lunch and supper and is surrounded by 360-degree glass walls. You may enjoy wonderful Mediterranean dishes while dining indoors or out. The tranquil, serene settings, which include a magnificent sea view, are ideal for unwinding over mouthwatering seafood, steak, and rice meals.

Es Gerret, Es Virot’s sister restaurant, delivers even more amazing cuisine. Rainbow ceviche, prawn tempura ladled seabass, and burrata covered in fig and serrano ham are just a few of the dishes they offer. Take it from us when we say that you could find yourself coming back more than once.


San Antonio is a flexible place ready to house almost any kind of activity. Ibiza's mild temperatures make it an ideal summer destination for water sports and beach activities.

The waters in the area are excellent for diving, kayaking, and boating since the luminosity of its waters allows visibility that reaches 40 meters. Aside from this, the bay of San Antonio is a perfect place for windsurfing on windy winter days, but it is also possible to enjoy the sport even in summer thanks to the artificial waves located in the Surf Lounge.


Beyond the loud music, countless parties, and immaculate beaches, San Antonio is also home to busy local markets where you can browse, shop, and relax. There are a number of little stores where you may browse and barter.

One of the famous shopping points in San Antonio is the Gorilla Hippy Market. Here, visitors discover a variety of stores and booths selling crafts and souvenirs. In comparison to the other bazaars on the island, it has a quainter and more intimate feel. You also get a good perspective of the gorgeous San Antonio Bay, in addition to the distinctive and noticeable big statue of a gorilla towering over the stores and booths (thus the name). Vendors sell artisan goods including apparel, natural products, crafts, decorations, ornaments, art, accessories, and many more. From native crafts to cunning pieces of jewellery, delicious cuisines to stunning clothes, there is definitely something for everyone.