San Carlos

San Carlos

A well-known village in the 60s and 70s. The locals here are a fascinating mix of Ibizan, Spanish, and international residents, which adds to the place’s cosmopolitan vibes. Restaurants and pubs all share one thing in common: a cheerful and welcoming ambience, which makes it easy for visitors to make friends and socialize. You may also browse through the colourful fashion or home items sold at nearby shops, where you can get wonderful mementoes at cheap costs. Stores here are pretty and is inspired by the hippy and nightclub cultures prominent throughout the island.

Laze away on this tranquil island and unwind with peers where landmarks and beaches are adjacent to magnificent resorts and hotels. If you want to experience the greatness of the White Isle, a visit to San Carlos will undoubtedly excite you. Serenity and solitude are guaranteed everywhere you go on San Carlos.

Don’t miss these places in San Carlos

  • Cala Nova
  • Cala Lena
  • Bar Anita
  • Las Dalas
  • Las Dalias Hippy Market
  • Belinda
  • Lottie Bogotti

Things to do in San Carlos


Nothing beats the comfort and serenity that sightseeing gives. Excursions will always be a part of every trip because it familiarizes us with the place we’re visiting. San Carlos is the home of beautiful landscapes and beaches, and whether we do picnics or bask in the sun, the view it gives us will always be breathtaking. Sant Carles de Peralta and Dalt Vila are just a few of the many famous tourist spots and landmarks available in the area. Historic landmarks, large plazas, alfresco restaurants, and outdoor cafes can all be found here.

San Carlos also boasts the charming and refined beaches they have. Beaches here are diverse, from large, well-kept sand carpets to rocky beaches in rugged, pristine coves bordered by cliffs, making them an idyllic place to take snapshots with friends.

Bike Tours

Biking is one of the most cost-efficient ways to see the beauty of the island. While you can explore and rent a bike on your own, bike tours are also a convenient way to embark on this fun excursion. There are friendly guides in tour agencies who shows you not only the must-see sites but also some of the secret spots that visitors usually don’t get to see. The bike rental on tours is usually included in the price. While the minimum number of participants is four, you can also get a private tour for €49 only.


Kayak rentals are also a thing in Ibiza. While you can find numerous kayak gear rentals online, agencies like Kayak-Ibiza, Fun Kayaks Ibiza and Krona Kayak Ibiza could also be good options.

Kayak Ibiza offers guided tours and kayak rentals. One of the best destinations for this water activity is Es Figueral where the sandy beach is accented by rocky coves and cliffs formed by the wind and water. It's a great place for families because of the fine white sand and crystal-clear shallow seas.


One of the most famous dining places in San Carlos is Bar Anita, a small restaurant located by the side of the road. It is known for its beautifully decorated small wooden tables and for always being crowded.  Even though the façade may appear ordinary, the interior is brimming with charm and atmosphere. Guests are welcomed by the paintings and stone floors, as well as the eccentric post boxes and a giant tree. The cuisine is served in a simple Spanish cafe style, which guests will surely love for every visit was well worth the money. It is an added bonus that this bar is only a distance away from Las Dalias for those who want to shop right after.


San Carlos' shops are different in terms of product selection and style. From island-made jewellery to unique club clothing, there are traces of Ibiza's impact everywhere you turn. San Carlos is known for its quaint Las Dalias Hippy Market, with a variety of amazing stalls, food, and occasional live music sessions. Whether you're looking for a place to shop or just hang out with friends, Las Dalias is a must-visit spot on the island. There is also a shop called Belinda, which specializes in unique clothing and textile decoration. It has a diverse selection of clothes, most of which are from Asia, as a result of the owner’s excursions to bring interesting items from all around the world. Another famous shop is Lottie Bogotti, which is full of antiques, vintage clothes and jewellery, homeware and more. Ibiza’s spirit is reflected in Lottie Bogotti’s brand, which embodies its best qualities: simplicity, excellence, and a desire to repair, protect, and give back to the island.