San Rafael

San Rafael

Is a small village on the island of Ibiza, located along the route that connects Ibiza Town with the island of San Antonio. This small community has far more to offer than you may think, with breathtaking views that extend the right to the coast. San Rafael is easily accessible, known for being a quaint and quiet little village. This place, also known to locals as “San Rafel de sa Creu” provides a calm retreat from the island’s adjacent nightlife spots. Although it only has a few stores and restaurants, this oasis of tranquillity is a terrific spot to enjoy a delicious meal, a drink, or browse the many artisan shops selling San Rafael's famous pottery. Since the place has its fair share of scenic spots and fun activities, it's definitely an excellent place to stay.

Don’t Miss These Places in San Rafael

  • Privilege
  • Amnesia
  • Can Pilot
  • Las Dos Lunas

Things To Do in San Rafael

Club Hopping

Privilege, known as the world’s largest nightclub, is located here. Privilege has become known for hosting spectacular and grandiose parties that no other clubs could match. It has been a key part of Ibiza’s identity and it held one of the world’s most famous parties. The place has become every party-goer’s paradise for dance and techno raves where parties always continue until dawn.

Amnesia, another famous party place, is also a must-visit. Amnesia’s repertoire is very diverse, encompassing the best of techno, house, bass, Latin, and even some live performances. Amnesia aims to depict the actual spirit of a 3D club by incorporating iconic styles in the music industry. Like those of all superclubs, Amnesia's main dance floors can grow incredibly crowded and are known for great social experiences.


If you just want to laze away and see the breathtaking vistas and the Mediterranean sea views, staycations are a perfect option for you. There are plenty of villas available in the area, which could be a nice and quiet hideaway ideal for anyone looking to unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Villas in San Rafael are very convenient because of the peace and tranquillity it provides while still being close to all of Ibiza's wonders. It is a terrific option for families who want to get away from the crowds while still being close to adjacent villages' tourist attractions and beaches.

Water Activities

Ibiza's beaches are incredibly breathtaking, and they are frequently ranked among the best in Spain. Fine white beaches, clear turquoise sea, and rocky coves characterize the majority of them. Wherever you are on the island, there is definitely a beach to suit all preferences, whether it be enormous busy locations or quiet, intimate bays. The calm waters of Ibiza make it a perfect place for water activities like beach volleyball, kayaking, and pedal boarding. There are plenty of rentals in the area where you can rent the equipment you may need by the hour. There are also trained instructors available to assist you and your group while having fun.


One of the things that makes San Rafael an excellent place to stay is that it has more than its fair share of Spanish and Mediterranean gastronomy.

Can Pilot has been a local favourite and was considered as San Rafael’s local gem. It is known for its fantastic food, friendly services, and reasonable prices. People visit the place just to try the luscious beef they offer which has been stored precisely the perfect amount of time to assure tenderness and flavour. The restaurant specializes in beef ribs, lamb chops, chicken, and T-bone steak partly cooked on a charcoal BBQ and brought to your table to be grilled to your liking.

Las Dos Lunas is another crowd favorite in San Rafael. It is one of Ibiza’s most famous fine dining locations and is known for its high stone walls and grapevines. The place is conveniently located near the road, within walking distance to the superclub, Privilege. It is the perfect spot to get away from the crowds or dine before retreating at nighttime. Their specialities include handmade pasta, risottos, and the finest cuts of meat grilled in an outdoor oven.


Shopping is a fun activity that we frequently engage in when travelling because it symbolizes the places we’ve been to. One of the distinct features this village has is the presence of pottery workshops. San Rafael is known as the island’s only artisan zone because of the historic ceramic businesses there. This village is the best place for authentic, hand-turned pottery, ceramic, and crafts where designs usually depict blue and white symmetrical patterns or islanders in traditional dress. These are sold in the scattered roadside businesses in the village. The summer markets and shops are well worth a visit too because they are both scenic and colourful, as well as for having live music and other entertainment.