Santa Gertrudis

Santa Gertrudis

Home to artists, musicians, artisans, and the bohemian lifestyle.

Walk into a rustic dream in a town surrounded by a vast agricultural landscape that encloses charming architecture lining the streets. Marvel at the fusion of modern establishments and traditional Ibicenco buildings. Roam around their plaza, the heart of the village, and witness the most wholesome outings of local families and indulge in fine cuisine and the merry chatter of the people in one of the town’s acclaimed restaurants.

Visit the village’s friendly faces at one of their farms that contain the only dairy cows on the island, alongside their many sheep and goats. After, pick some of the juiciest organic fruit grown by local farmers at their most endearing fruit orchards. Finally, enjoy all the amenities that this lovely family-friendly town has to offer with your dear loved ones.

Don't Miss These Places in San Gertrudis

  • La Galeria Elefante
  • Numero 74 L’Atelier
  • San Miguel Beach

Things To Do In San Gertrudis

Be Accommodated By A lovely Home

San Gertrudis is a hotspot for pleasant accommodations with multiple holiday villas, each with its own charm.

Consume The Magnificent Art

The village is a walking museum with artists filling the streets with their artwork and with the abundance of creators,  a number of galleries are also installed in town.

Indulge In Expenditures

Make the most of their arts and crafts shops, as well as their galleries, and purchase a unique find. After, enjoy a meal prepared with fresh local produce in one of the town’s fine restaurants.