The touristic region of Siesta is ideal for people searching for a calm vacation in a landscaped environment with access to the sea, with a large range of accommodations, restaurants, and stores. Es Caló de s'Alga, a little sandy beach with calm seas that is suitable for children graces its shores. The cove also contains a rocky section that is perfect for snorkelling and offers panoramic views of Cala Llonga's forested cliffs. If you are looking for a place to spend a pleasant day at the beach, Siesta is the best one for you.

Don't Miss These Places in Siesta

  • Siesta Beach Resort
  • Seventeen Ibiza

Things to do in Siesta

Beach Visits

Siesta beach resort is a relaxing alternative to some of the larger beaches of neighbouring Santa Eulalia. Rentable mattresses and parasols, as well as a small store offering refreshments all day, are available on the pure white sand. Some portions of the beach are also ideal for snorkelling due to the unusual rising seafloor and weird rock formations.

The coastal promenade on the way to Santa Eulalia is a lovely stroll that evokes a small-town, island vibe — a great way to conclude your beach day and settle at one of the cafés along the route for some café con leche while people-watching.

Cycling and Hiking

If you enjoy cycling, try route no 8, which begins in Siesta and ends in Cala Llonga, or travel down to the river to attempt route no 6, which leads to Santa Gertrudis. If you prefer to walk, consider walking route no 6, which surrounds Can Fita Hill on its way to Santa Eulària des Riu, where you can also pick up routes no 2 and 4.


Siesta is a part of Santa Eulalia which boasts more than twenty beaches and coves spread out over the forty-eight kilometres of their coastline. Water skiing, jet skiing, and the ski bus are among the more adrenaline-pumping activities available, while parasailing, paddle surfing, and kayaking are more relaxing possibilities. Of course, the iconic pedalboat is a must-have for family vacations. There are dive centres that will outfit you and transport you to the greatest sites, like Tagomago Island, if diving is your thing or you'd want to learn.


Santa Eulalia's nightlife is more laid-back than the party hotspots of Ibiza Town, San Antonio, and Playa d'en Bossa. In the evening, you may have a lovely supper and then meet up in one of the many pubs.

On summer evenings, the marina, in particular, comes alive. The place never fails to fascinate everyone with the lights and ambience as they stroll by exquisite ships. Many hotels also feature fascinating onsite bars that are available to those who aren't staying at the hotel. Some are located on the roof terrace, offering spectacular views of the city.

For those who want a serious dance, Las Dalias, only a few kilometres south of San Carlos, holds some amazing parties during the week in addition to its famed daytime and nocturnal hippie markets.


Santa Eulalia has a large number of restaurants, and the resort has a solid reputation as one of Ibiza's cultural and gastronomic centres.

Seventeen Ibiza, an Italian restaurant, is one of the popular dining places to visit here. This establishment provides tremendous pleasure to its customers by allowing them to experience the thrill of a rare type of fusion food, a combination of true Italian flavours and the limitless subtleties of Mediterranean cuisine. They change their menu on a regular basis, yet certain dishes are so popular that they stay on the menu indefinitely.


The inviting villas here in Siesta are noted for their relaxed and welcoming ambience. Whether you are travelling alone, as a couple, or as a family, the villa's appeal will entice you to just rest and enjoy your vacation. Most of them are just a few minutes away from the beach and Santa Eulalia's vibrant town, which offers a wide range of water sports, bars, restaurants, and shopping. Villas in Siesta Beach have all of the amenities necessary for a pleasant stay.


There are a variety of retail options just next to Siesta in Santa Eulària des Riu, so you won't be short of options. The town centre's streets, some of which are pedestrian walkways, are lined with small shops specializing in gastronomy, fashion, accessories, beach gear, gifts, Adlib designs, and more – and we shouldn't forget about the local farmer's market, where fresh produce arrives daily from all over the island. For the curious traveller, the marina and waterfront area is dotted with intriguing businesses.