Located in the center of the island of Ibiza and is one of the most popular tourist destinations. It provides a plethora of excellent services and activities to keep you entertained during your stay. The beach, despite its popularity, remains its peace and tranquillity making it a perfect place for you to lounge and de-stress. Talamanca, being a stunning melting pot for tourists of different nationalities, provides wonderful services such as hotels, restaurants, stores, equipment rental services, sports, as well as artisan fairs. Enjoy the tranquillity and freedom here in Talamanca with its beautiful, sandy beach, breath-taking views and great food.

Don’t Miss these Places in Talamanca

  • Talamanca Beach
  • El Barco Restaurant
  • Sa Punta Restaurant
  • Happy Chick Ibiza

Things to Do in Talamanca

Beach Visits

Talamanca beach is large and wide, and the sand is wonderfully white and silky. It is an insular small paradise with soft sand shelves and crystal-clear waters, making it a wonderful place to sightsee and enjoy the sun. The beach is so vast, even during the busy season. It is locally known as the “Beach of Ibiza Town.” The soft sand and clear waters are inviting, however, its curved shape makes it a suntrap and the sand can get uncomfortably hot. Not to worry though, as a wooden walkway runs the length of the beach, providing relief for your toes if you are there at the height of the sun. It is more tranquil than other places, and it has shallow aquamarine waters that are ideal for swimming. Along its length, you’ll find all sorts of pubs and restaurants, some of which are open all year.


Talamanca’s success is partly because of its ability to attract savvy clubbers who lounges during the day and party in its incredible nightlife with a diverse range of clubs and bars.

A ten-minute walk away from the beach is the world-famous superclub, Pacha, where you can witness some of the top DJs in the business. Throughout the years, Pacha has gained a reputation that has risen in tandem with that of the island itself. As a result, the club is beloved by locals and is regarded as a “must-see” for visitors visiting the place. If you get up early enough, you will witness clubbers heading back across the beautiful sands to Talamanca in silence to recuperate after a night of fun.


Along the lengthy walkway of Talamanca beach, you’ll discover a fantastic selection of pubs and restaurants. There are beach huts, Mediterranean restaurants, and high-end exclusive hotels with wonderful restaurants. Talamanca is an excellent area to stop for a bite where quality and variety is assured.

El Barco Restaurant is located in the middle of Talamanca’s majestic beach where you can enjoy an outstanding view of the bay as well as delicious cooked meals. You can also try some of the place’s specialities, such as the traditional “bullit de peix,” a variety of rice, grilled fish, and meats. They have their own hatchery, which includes lobsters, so guests may enjoy high-quality fresh fish. You’ll also be able to taste excellent cocktails, which will be the perfect way to end a nice evening.

In the middle of Talamanca bay, Sa Punta Restaurant is just five minutes from the bustling Ibiza Town. Locals, guests, and international jet-set congregate here for delicious meals and laid back vibes. The quality this restaurant offers is excellent, with lots of fresh fish dishes, meat, and produce. Sa Punta offers two dining experiences, Sa Punta Fine Dining; and Ginger and Patchwork. Both have a beautiful, soothing ambience and gentle hues of cream that creates a lovely, calming atmosphere.

Water Activities

There are numerous activities to do on Talamanca’s beaches during the peak season. Water polo competitions and other watersports are held by some organizers in certain months of the year. Equipment rental services for surfing and windsurfing are available too. Boat rides, which add spice and fun to every tourist’s vacation, are another activity worth trying here.

There is a lifeguard, plus sun loungers and umbrellas to rent. The wooden walkway stretches the length of the sand for easy accessibility and there are beach wheelchairs available for use as well as great disabled facilities in the shower and toilet block. Security lockers are also available near the showers. The place provides nice amenities for those interested in having fun in the water and enjoying the bright sun.


One of the famous local stores in the area is Happy Chick Ibiza which sells handcrafted goods and local clothing. It is a brand that was founded in the Talamanca region of Ibiza in 2005 and is strongly established on the island. It was inspired by the immensely brilliant Batik artisans in Bali and the creator’s love of travel. All of the Batik fabrics on the store are one-of-a-kind and custom made, so no two items are the same. Their embellishments, on the other hand, are meticulously hand-stitched to ensure the greatest quality.