Casa Jondal

Amazing restaurant, service and atmosphere.


Casa Jondal


Some consider Casa Jondal to be the greatest restaurant on the island, and it is surely one of the most exclusive. Casa Jondal is located in the heart of the Casa Jondal beach. It is a winning mix of superb culinary quality and a fantastic setting, both of which may be enjoyed while sitting on the lovely, covered patio under the twisting Sabina trees.

The restaurant is located in Cala Jondal, San José, in the southeastern part of Ibiza, on a stone beach with azure waves and is flanked by trees. The restaurant believes that  luxury is a collection of sensations. It is the perfect place if you want to dine with your bare feet on the beach, hear the splash of the waves, wind, and seagulls, while sharing experiences and memorable after-meal discussions in a location you will never want to leave. In this case, guests are given the option of selecting fruit rather than food.

Rafael Zafra, a world-renowned chef, is recognized for creating delectable seafood gastronomy by utilizing only the freshest ingredients and treating them with the utmost care and competence. He has designed a gorgeous Mediterranean-influenced cuisine that has received wonderful reviews, firmly establishing them as the island's best dining hot spot. He was previously the head chef at El Buli, one of the world's finest restaurants.

Sun loungers, a select appetizer menu, and a large choice of beverages are also available at the chiringuito. Goran, Jondal's wine sommelier, has chosen wines that are suited to the island's environment. Sparkling wines, crisp whites, and rosés are among the highlights. They also have large wines available from little vineyards that will astonish even the most seasoned wine connoisseurs. Desserts need notice, since they are the frosting on the cake of a dinner that will completely transform your senses.

The place’s food and ambience are not the only good things about this place. They also have an excellent yet relaxing serving team, with exceptional service. The place boasts carefully picked products served with simplicity, clean and strong flavors—everything cooked to perfection. The place is an epitome of the ultimate and lovely rendition of the original chiringuito. It is a setting that captures the essence of the seaside restaurants that shaped so many people's memories.

The island of Ibiza is known for providing high-quality food in beautiful locations, and Jondal is one of its existing proofs. It is a destination where customers can get the complete and memorable experience of the beach, nature, and laid-back ambiance, and of course, the best of the Mediterranean food that the island has to offer.

Phone: +34 971 80 27 66



Address: Cala Jondal, s/n, 07839, Balearic Islands, Spain