Nude Café Ibiza

Lovely food and location.



Nude Cafe Ibiza is a small bistro serving vegan and organic food. It accomplishes what everyone claims it does—but in a true way. It has a distinct approach from the other pubs and restaurants in Ibiza. It is situated on a quiet plaza in the heart of the island and if you're in the mood for Spanish food, Nude is a wonderful option. In addition to a variety of beers, ciders, and wines with the option for ecological brands, their menu offers a wide array of platters with hummus and vegetables, salad jars, hot flat breads, bagels, and breakfast.

Juliette, the restaurant's proprietor, said that she and her partner founded NUDE two years ago with the intention of creating a location where only genuine, wholesome cuisine would be offered at reasonable prices. They do this by using local, organic, and environmentally friendly products. They are also committed to getting to know their suppliers and promoting fair trade while working with Ibiza's farmers.

The place gathers a large crowd to sample their excellently prepared soup, laing, and monkfish. Delicious croissants are a must-order meal. They offer nice seats outside, where you may observe folks walking by in this busy area. They serve good coffee and other juice beverages too. They also have one of the finest waffles ever made. Patrons often return her because their food is fantastic and their ingredients fresh. It was challenging to decide what to get because they have so many vegan alternatives. This establishment is well known for its excellent customer service and helpful, courteous employees. Here, you may get good food for a fair price. Its wonderful atmosphere and exquisite decor will appeal to you without a doubt.

Even the paper straws they use are a part of their conscientious and moral administration. They show respect for the essence of each product and its most natural flavor by serving the food in a beautiful way, mostly in jars that keep the food fresh without using any sugar or preservatives.

Nude Café Ibiza offers the healthiest and finest breakfast on the entire island, for sure! It is unquestionably the best option if you want a nutritious and well-balanced meal and snack. Customers are ensured to receive top-notch service and lovingly prepared, top-quality food! We wholeheartedly urge everyone to check it out. If you want a good cup of coffee and a hearty meal to go with it, Nude Café is a great place to go.


Phone: +34 654 07 72 25

Address: Plaça Pintor Vicent Calbet, 3, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears, Spain