Restaurante Can Limo Ibiza

Amazing fresh inventive food.



Prepare yourself for an inclusive Peruvian gastronomic explosion.

Can Limo is a progressive dining experience. Cooking up Peruvian and Latin fusion cuisine for six years and counting, they strive to cater to a wide range of customer needs. Now, included in their menus are vegan and vegetarian options. There are also gluten-free meals available. To tend to more hungry consumers, they have even extended their dining hours.

In Can Limo, the chefs and staff want you to feel at home. The lovely area of Can Limo is cozy warm, and not overwhelming. The cuisine is accommodating and versatile, perfect for any time of the day. Despite the endless variety of meals, the quality of the food is not compromised. You are guaranteed a dish you won’t forget, whichever you choose. Get the ultimate homey dining experience in this charming restaurant.

Things To Do In Restaurante Can Limo Ibiza

Devour Their Menu

Can Limo Ibiza has an extremely wide selection of delicacies. One visit is not enough to get all that they can offer. Stop by a few more times and order a different meal for each stay.

Drinks On Them

Get a few drinks while you’re there as well. They serve new cocktails, their Pisco sour and Gin and tonics are beloved by many.

Venture In San Jose

Situated in the center of this charming town, Can Limo is a great starting point for exploring San Jose. Burn those meals with a calming stroll around the streets.


Phone: +34 971 80 05 50



Address: Carrer de Pere Escanellas, 6, 07830 Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Illes Balears, Spain