Terms & Conditions

1) Payment Terms

Standard terms of payment for bookings are 50% of the total amount 48 hours after receiving your contract, with the remaining 50% to be paid 6 weeks before your arrival.

2) Damage Deposit

Your damage deposit is only due 1 week before your check in date. At check out the villa will be inspected with the house manager to check that there are no damages. If nothing has been damaged the funds will be wired back to the same account you made the payment from usually 72 hours after your check out. If there has been any damage the owner will get quotes for repairs and provide invoices for the amount in question. This will be deducted from your deposit before the balance is returned to your account.

3) Covid Policy

The individual covid policies of each villa will be stipulated in your contract and can be provided for you prior to your booking to ensure you are happy to confirm.

4) Arrival and Departure

The accommodation will be available from 16:00 hours on the day of arrival, unless otherwise specified.
The accommodation should be vacated at 10:00 hours on the day of departure, unless otherwise specified.

5) Modifications

Modifications to the booking contract and exceptions to the present general conditions of the reservation will only take effect with the written agreement between the rental client and Book Ibiza If any such modifications result in an increase or decrease in the cost of the rental, both parties will be required to agree in writing to a modification in rental price.

6) Arrival Procedure and Customer Services Department

Prior to your arrival, normally at the time of signing the contract you would send your flight details and arrival time. We can then be ready and waiting for you at the villa. Check in times are usually from 4pm. In the case that your arrival is earlier or late at night we will do our best to facilitate this for you. Early check-ins cannot always be guaranteed and depend on the previous booking at the particular property. Office Hours: 10:00 to 20:00 Telephone: Book Ibiza

7) General Procedure for Arrivals

As soon as you touch down at Ibiza airport, please call your agent to inform them of your arrival. We will have provided the number of your check in agent 1-2 days before your arrival along with a pin of the location of the meeting place.
For all clients who arrive at night and have the right to check-in to the accommodation immediately, we request that they inform us as soon as possible so that we can give them the arrival information such as; directions to the property, instructions for key collection.
On the day of departure from the property you should check-out no later than 10.00 am. You should hand the keys in to our staff at departure unless otherwise specified. It is very important that you adhere to this condition of rental as the efficient functioning of our system depends on it.

8) Car hire

Almost all of our rental properties are situated in rural or residential areas, very few are served by public transport and taxis can be limited in supply and prove difficult to direct to private villas which are not situated in major tourist resorts. For this reason we recommend booking car hire in advance and with a well known company that you can trust, to prevent nasty surprises. Book Ibiza can provide car hire directly on arrival at Ibiza airport. The car will be ready for collection without the wait.

9) Music, parties and noise

It is totally unacceptable to disturb neighbours with music or noise. Music and sounds between 10.00 pm and 9.00 am should be no more than 45 decibels. Parties are strictly prohibited in all properties and should the police be called to the home the client would be held fully responsible for any consequences and legal action against the property. Gatherings and dinners for more than 20 people greater than advertised sleeping occupancy are also prohibited except in the case of an official event using contracted caterers, waiters and security staff. Any of these actions can result in the cancellation of the contract and eviction from the property, with the loss of the total cost of the booking and the Security/Damage Deposit with no possibility of reimbursement.

10) Cleaning

On the day of departure the property should be left in the same condition as on arrival. It is important to ensure that the kitchen, barbecue and all utensils are left completely clean and in good condition. Failure to do so will incur a deduction from your deposit of at least 80€. This could be more depending on the condition of the property when checked on departure. Extra cleaning can be contracted for the duration of your stay.We request that you inform us before your arrival if you would like to use this service.

11) Keys

In the case of lost keys (a failure to hand in the same number of keys as supplied on arrival). We are obligated to deduct a minimum of 150€ for a lock change and services of maintenance.

12) Furniture and Fittings

It is strictly prohibited to change the position of the furnishings in the property or to carry out any other modifications

13) Capacity of the property and number of occupants

Each property is prepared for a determined number of occupants. It is not permitted in any event to exceed the maximum occupancy of the property as advertised. It is the responsibility of the client at all times to ensure that the number occupying the property matches the number of people on the reservation form.
Failure to comply with this rule will result in eviction or the payment of an occupancy supplement.

14) Pets

The majority of properties do not allow pets. Only with the express authorisation of Book Ibiza and the owner of the property and with prior agreement at the time of booking will pets be permitted to stay at the property. There could be an extra final cleaning charge for housing a pet either indoors or in the garden. If it is brought to our attention that a pet is being kept in the rental property without prior agreement this could result in the cancellation of the contract and eviction from the property, with the loss of the total cost of the booking and the security/damage deposit with no possibility of reimbursement.

15) Cancellations

If a cancellation is made on behalf of the client a refund will only be given if an alternative booking can be made on the property for the said dates. If we are unable to successfully re-book the property the deposit will be withheld. We will endeavour to re-book the villa for you. In the unlikely event that it is necessary to make an alteration to or cancel the holiday accommodation specified, we will inform you as soon as possible and if requested we will endeavour to arrange alternative holiday accommodation of a similar type and standard and in a similar location as that originally requested.

16) Anomalies and deficiencies

Any irregularities found by the client on arrival should be communicated as soon as possible and always during the stay to Book Ibiza. This will allow the staff to rectify any problems or be proactive in organising a change of accommodation, should our service staff be certain that the issues cannot be rectified.
Any claim submitted after leaving the property cannot be considered because the fundamental criteria for consideration cannot be checked in order to proceed with the claim.

17) Building work

The properties are privately owned and are largely situated in residential areas. They are not generally situated in areas with large tourist complexes. At times private or government building work can be taking place in the surrounding area. Neither Book Ibiza nor the property owner has any influence over this work and cannot be held responsible for building work or any disturbance it may cause.

18) Water, Electricity and Internet

Cuts to the supply of water, electricity or internet are not regular. However the local authorities can occasionally cut or limit supplies for short periods of time. Neither Book Ibiza nor the property owner can take responsibility for any inconvenience caused by temporary cuts to supply.

19) Consumption of energy

At certain times of the year rental clients will require extra air conditioning or heating. Properties with these facilities often make a charge and where this is the case,the higher consumption of energy will be reflected in the price of the reservation.

20) Insurance

The rental price does not include insurance, except where it is expressly indicated along with the type of insurance included. It is recommended that you obtain comprehensive travel insurance for the duration of your holiday.

21) Responsibility of the Proprietor

The proprietor will accept no responsibility for loss or theft of the rental client or any occupier's property or for injury caused by incorrect use of facilities provided in the property.

22) Responsibility of the company

Book Ibiza acts solely as an intermediary between owners, agents and rental clients, being responsible only for accurate information regarding available properties, facilities and precise location.
The individual terms and conditions for each booking are clearly stated in your contract. Please make sure you read these before signing and if you have any questions contact Book Ibiza for any reassurance you may need before signing and completing your booking.

23) Further information

The individual terms and conditions for each booking are clearly stated in your contract. Please make sure you read these before signing and if you have any questions contact Ibiza High Life for any reassurance you may need before signing and completing your booking.