San Jordi

San Jordi

A traditional Spanish fortress that graces the South of Ibiza.

Don’t let the traditional Ibizan housing fool you, San Jordi may be a small village on the coast, but it is one of the most enthusiastic areas on the island. Get the best of both worlds by visiting the 15th-century church in the heart of the town, then stop by one of the most famous beaches in Ibiza.

The historic architecture is exquisitely complemented by numerous modern establishments filled with life and laughter. Never run out of places to go with countless bars and restaurants that offer a scenic view to accompany your meal. The majestic sunsets in San Jordi are best enjoyed on terraces found in every corner of the village.

While Ibiza is mostly known for its colourful nightlife, San Jordi is a great juxtaposition coming to life in the daytime. Enjoy the vibrancy of the village under the bright summer sun and join locals in their weekly festivities and quirky hobbies.

Don't Miss These Places in San Jordi

  • Playa d'en Bossa
  • Es Cavallet
  • San Jordi Church

Things To Do In San Jordi

Visit Flea Markets

San Jordi hosts weekly flea markets called Mercadillo Sant Jordi every Saturday. Find a whole range of charming imported and local items and get them at a great price.

Outdoor Cinemas

Following the weekend festivities, the open-air cinema is a regular Saturday event in July and August in the village square. Sit back and enjoy a classic Spanish movie with the lovely locals on the weekend.

Fiesta de San Jordi

Fiesta de San Jordi is the pride of the little village. Bursting with colour and music, for a few weeks in April and May the town is livelier as they celebrate their patron, St. George.